Second Nature
Allison Walker is an enigma. It seems that the bright young owner of Rain City Yachts has another side to her personality–one irresistibly drawn to the field of medicine. 

Allison is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and committed to mandatory participation in a clinical trial at a prestigious psychiatric institute. 

But when she discovers her own misdiagnosis and the true source of her medical knowledge, she learns something even more disturbing:  the institute’s executives are hiding deadly side-effects from the FDA and Allison is the only patient left alive with enough knowledge to expose them. 
Greed undermines scientific integrity and threatens the life of a misdiagnosed psychiatric patient in this fast-paced medical thriller. 

The US Review of Books had this to say about Second Nature:

"Thompson's narrative not only provides well-timed and suspenseful plot twists and turns, it also manages to weave in genetics, psychology, and seafaring alongside often complicated and compelling characters. Thompson's keen ear for dialog yields lively scenes, which help push the well-paced narrative forward, giving readers palatable doses of scientific knowledge together with a story sure to keep them captivated."  January 20, 2012